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13 February 2010 @ 01:27 pm
Mermaid Forest  
Oh please come down like an angel.

Last night I was bored....and first I watched Wedding Peach DX....and I felt like trhowing up.
I remembered why I didn't like that series in the first place..urgh... >_>

Well *cough*, I still was bored and wanted to watch another anime.
I clicked on a video that began with "Mermaid" and I thought it must be Mermaid Melody Pitchy Pitchy Pitch. I told myself "Hey, you already watched Wedding Peach so you can go watch that girly mermaid anime as well....to tortur yourself xD!" .... >_<
The first episode loaded and then the opening began: "Oh please come down like an angel."
Oh how I love that opening!!!!!! *______*
And it wasn't Mermaid Melody ...., that anime I clicked on is called "Mermaid Forest" and is from Rukiko Takahashi, you know, from Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2.
But other from these two animes Mermaid Forest is more violent and dark and angsty and uhhhh I like it xD~
I've never thought Takahashi-san does this kind of stories ôo~
And there's already a german dubbed version of the anime, I didn't know at all O_O....
The protagonist/hero has the voice of Trunks xDDDDDD~

Now really, that anime is great.
It's about mermaids. But not those pretty, Arielle-like mermaids, no.
Those mermaids are ugly. They are immortal and when you eat flesh of a mermaid you gain immortality as well, if you are lucky that is. It also is possible you turn into a monster.
Most people turn into monsters in this story.
The protagnoist once ate flesh of a mermaid and gained immortality....but after 500 years of re-birthing and living he wishes to become mortal again, so he can live a peaceful life with marrying and having kids...and dying. So he's searching to find a mermaid again to find a way of becoming mortal again....
On his way he finds a girl, who was held prison on a deserted island by mermaids (she doesn't know that at first) who wanted to eat her human flesh when she turns 15.
By eating human flesh the mermaids gain beauty again. They are immortal but they do age and become ugly after thousand of years. So they leave the oceans and become human-like creatures to find themselves a human girl to feed from her.
The mermaids fed flesh of a mermaid to that human girl to make her live forever so they can feed from her forever to keep their own beauty.
But the protagonist freed her and now is living with her throughout the centuries.
Now he's not alone anymore since no he has this girl at his side.

But it's not the end of the anime. I'm just watching the 6th episode and I'm dying to see what happens next^^

You should watch it.
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