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19 March 2010 @ 07:20 pm
school and other things...  
Today was our BWRW test, two whole lessons and some minutes.
It was not *difficult* in that way, rather it was A LOT to write in this frame of time, you know.
The first part was about BWRW, to write a "Bilanz" and book from and on all the accounts.
The second part was about BWL, about OHG, KG and "Kaufmänner" in general.
I started with the last part which turned out to be the best way I could have gone about this test.
Otherwise I wouldn't have finished all the task since in part one I had difficulties, as in I could not copy my own "Ergebnisse" right into my "Schlussbilanz" xDDDD~
Afterwards I laugh about this because it turned out so well after all...but during the test I thought about just giving up.
But I knew I had the second part finished already I could spend all my time on correcting my mistake in the bookings.
It was the last minute before turning the test in that I was able to solve my stupid copying mistake xDD~
I'M SO GLAD, really! WHOA!~
I hope I did good and will get a good grade!! YEAH!

I got my math test back.....and it was a realy gooooooooooooood grade ^______^

Our Spanish test was dropped due the illness of our Spanish teacher...we don't know when we are going to write it then...hopefully NOT next week since we are going to write VWL and IWI -______-
I cannot study for IWI because I don't have any excell programm...I just have to hope I'm lucky and can answer the questions asked in the test.
For VWL I have to learn this weekend...I think it is not THAT much, less than we had to learn for the BWRW test, though.

And I wanna watch my girlfriend playing Final Fantasy XIII ^___________^
That game is so awesome!!! What a graphic and what cute charakters!!
Well....I'm not convinced Lightning is that a good person actually...she really resembles Cloud...A LOT! I don't know IF I do like that...Well, let's wait til the end of the game if her character turns out to be interesting over the time.
Hope is just a crybaby, I mean he REALLY is JUST a FUCKING Crybaby, much more so than Tidus (compared to Hope, Tidus never was a crybaby!).
Well, maybe he changes, too, during the game and becomes more grown up...well okay, he's only 14...but hey....he annoys me with his attitude.
And there's this other girl, who relly looks pretty...but she's annoying as well/hell!!! GOSH! She talks non-stop and is SO girly and how she runs!!! GYAH! >_>
But I just know she has a greater role later on, so I'll wait til she reveals what her "FOCUS" is.

Well, I would not have expected it but I like SNOW best *_*
He's SO COOL!!!! And his believes are reminding me of Naruto, he also would not dare giving up.
And Serah is cute x333~
I want to cosplay her xDDD~

I am curious as how Fang is like, she's very pretty^^
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