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22 March 2010 @ 04:24 pm
It arrived today!  
Or at least I could fetch it at the postal office today xD~
L'arc~en~ciel Quadrinity Member's Best Selections!! ^____^
(uff I'm so tired ~_~...)
It's a nice cd/dvd box! *_* When enfolding it the arrangement of the cds and the dvd is like a cross! I love crosses! So it seems they really did pick the cross as their theme for this item, but why I wonder? ôo~
Anyway, there are nice pictures in it and even nicer posters on which the lyrics are pinted xDD~
Oh and the L'Arc Quiz is so cool!!! xDDD~
I don't understand much BUT I did sometimes and it was so funny xDD~
For one part of the Quiz they asked older japanese women what they thought L'arc~en~ciel would be...they answered: "Maybe it's a kind of god?" xDDD~
And in Mexico they asked the girls (and guys as well!! xD) to kiss the photo of the member they wanted as a boyfriend xDD~ Ken won!!! HARHAR!~
So nice, really ^-^
In the end, hyde was only third, Ken was the best, who knew the most about the band, it does not surprise me at all. xDDDD~

Now I have to learn for IWI tmorrow and VWL on wednesday. Muh.
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