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24 April 2010 @ 11:10 pm
Naruto Shippuuden movie 3: The Will of Fire  
That movie was so awesome!!! Wahaaaa~!!! *___________________*
Best Naruto movie there is till now!! SOOOO GREAT!!!! x33333333~
This movie is good even though no sign of Sasuke, really XDD~
The only time he is mentioned was when Naruto shortly speaks of him...SHORTLY. xDDDD~
But there's a lot of good old Sai *________________* thihihihi~
In the beginning there are these NaruSai moments, just adorable!!!!!
And every one of the rookie nine has a role!!! ^u^
YAY for Lee!!! He's so well-mannered and all, even raises a hand when he wants to speak up^^
And Yay for Hinata, she actually did fight xD~ And Ino, too.
And Kiba was great!! Whoah, never liked him that much...
And Gaara, oh Garra *_* So smexy, gawd!!!~
And at the end there's this KakaNaru moment, not that I like that pairing anyhow, but that was just funny xDDD~
You know, Naruto went to save Kakashi to sacrifice himself and succedes (of course, duh~) and they're standind alone and talk some cheesy stuff about "Sensei, you taught me to never give up" and "I'm proud of you, Naruto. You are just like him (meaning Obito)" yada yada~ aaaaaaaaaaaaaand
then Sai quotes a scene in a book (Kakashi gave him earlier, titled "A girl's heart") which was something along "When you talk to someone and your hearts start pounding it's the beginning of love" and after hearing that Naruto went crazy, yelling "No! NOOO!" again and again and Kakashi trying to calm him saying "Naruto, wait, it's nothing like that!"
HARHAR~ JUST GO WATCH IT!!! x3333~ It's totally worth it. JUP. HARHAR.
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