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07 February 2010 @ 06:26 pm
So I finished Card Captor Sakura for the second time already xD~
The first 6 volumes of the refurbished (new pink!) version I bought myself so far and the rest 6 volumes I've finished reading online just now xDDD~
Awww~ How I love it! x3333~
And yes: Yukito and Touya love each other. That's clear and all.

And before, I didn't like Yue that much but now after reading the story a second time I came to like him much more ^.^ Nice hair!!!
But Touya's just the best. roaw!!! x333~
They are together, the two of them, it's so great/cute! Thehe~

But hey, can they have sex? ôo
I mean Ruby Moon once said she was genderless but liked to dress like a girl.
She's the same as Yue, right, created by Clow and all...which means Yukito/Yue, too, is genderless, so "it" cannot have sex with Touya .___.

I mean, it's hard to grasp what it means to love someone beyound sexual desires....isn't it?
If you love someone you want to do all the dirty stuff to them and of course have sex, right?
I cannot image a realtionship where sex is all left out...it's impossible, isn't it?
I mean it's harder to show the other how you feel about them, that you love them with all your heart NOT through having sex. That part of being connected to the one you love most is not there.
Oh my, that means if Yukito/Yue is not able to have sex with Touya they have build up a deep relationship where they are able to show the other their love on a deeper level.
That means, it's another couple of CMALP's that shares love beyond physical attraction.
Touya's and Yukito/Yue's love must just be SOOOO deep, so it's not important for them to have sex with each other xDDDDD~
I love it.
But still it's hard to understand that kind of love....

Hm, but it must be hard for Touya, I mean, he's human and need to "relieve" himself sometimes, right? xD He's also just a man and needs to do it...

And he's mortal so that means someday he will pass away and leave Yukito/Yue behind, because he himself is immortal .____.
And Yue already was left behind by his former master/love so it would be so sad fpr him to go through that all over again...
And does Yue's immortality mean he won't age??? Will he always reamin/look like a highschool student???
Questions that cannot be answered :/
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31 December 2009 @ 06:20 pm
I'm going to my sis's now to celebrate New Year's Eve =^-^=

I wish everyone a happy new year!!!
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28 December 2009 @ 04:59 pm
Yeah well, Christmas is finally over and my family and friends are all happy and contented, I hope =)

I got a LOT OF copic markers for my brithday and christmas, I can die happy now xDDDD~
I really got nice presents^^ thihihi~

Yesterday Jenny came by and we played Devil May Cry veeeeeeeeeeery looooooooooong! xDDDDDD~
It was fun!! ^_____^
We wanna meet again this week and play again thehehe~ xD

Well well....
I'm too lazy to write something interesting it seems ^^;;,~
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22 December 2009 @ 09:21 am
I am staying home today since it's snowing the whole time and going by car is dangerous because of the glazed frost .____. My mum forbid me to go.
Well, we write a german test today so I am very annoyed not being able to got....but, you know, I am so afraid myself to go by car when it's this dangerous >_<~

Yesterday half of our class wasn't there and the ones who came to school were all later than usual...and one teacher told us then that pupils under 18 don't have to come when their parents find it too dangerous and risky for them to go to school.
And for someone who comes from further away it's better to stay at home she said...
Well, I am over 18, yes, but my mum just wouldn't let me go today xD~
Mou~ I hate to re-write the german test after the holidays....but I have no choice, have I? v.v At least I know I won't be alone then, because some of the guys from my class won't be there today, too. Yup.

I hope I can go tomorrow, because me and some friends from my class want to exchange our christmas presents tomorrow =^-^=
But I guess....tomorrow there will be glezed frost as well...and going by bus is as dangerous as going by car myself, isn't it? v.v

Well, well...I'll see what the doctor says to me today...I need a medical certificate because of the german test....I think he is going to sign me off sick for tomorrow, too, then...
Mah, just wait and see, right?

Since I was up at half past five this morning I alrady wrapped all my christmas presents!^^
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30 November 2009 @ 08:32 pm
...because I am driving myself crazy, like always muhahaha~

[x] already bought presents, [ ] to be bought soon,

Dani [x][x][x] COMPLETE!!!
Hannah [x][x] COMPLETE!!!
Markus [x] COMPLETE!!!
Sister [x] COMPLETE!!!
Sister's boyfriend [x][x] COMPLETE!!!
Jenny [x][x][x] COMPLETE!!!
Parents [x] COMPLETE!!!
Brother [ ] needs to arrive
Marco [x] COMPLETE!!!
Nino [x] COMPLETE!!!
Wichtelperson [x] COMPLETE!!!
James [x] COMPLETE!!!
Lina [x] COMPLETE!!!
Kids [x][x] COMPLETE!!!
Dani's Sister [x][x] COMPLETE!!!
Dani's Ma [x] complete
Mina [x] COMPLETE!!!

hell, there are still so many people left I have to buy presents for?! O_O;;;~
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25 November 2009 @ 07:13 pm
There are soooooo many apppointmens I have to keep and thousands of test in school to write in the next FEW weeks before christmas break...Oh my fucking god.
The next weeks are going to be dramatically hectic and stressfull, nerv-wrecking even.
There are some birthdays I have to go to and Visal Culture is held again, too. AND OBVIOUSLY I CANNOT GO, since I have to fucking study. Teachers are uttlery cruel.

I even didn't want to celebrate my own birthday in december because of not having the time...but I was talked into it anyway and in the end I am glad I agreed to celebrate.
I want to celebrate my birthday with my dear friends, having to study or not.
But it's going to be stressfull, I know it.
And it's Nikolaus, too xD~

Oh well. Fuck you.
I want to have a LIFE!
I want to go to the Culture ;____________;
But Oxana isn't likely to letting us go anyway....muh.
I don't know....I don't know.

Well, this weekend...(guess what, I have to study -_-)...me and my friends will visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Münster ^0^

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19 November 2009 @ 04:49 pm
Oha, nach diesem survey bin ich ein Emo, ich sollte mir Sorgen machen .__.;;,~

[x] Du besitzt ein Handy.
[x] Du besitzt etwas von H&M / C&A.
[x] Du besitzt etwas von Pimkie / Orsay / New Yorker etc.
[_] Du besitzt Markenartikel (Dolce & Gabbana / Gucci / Chanel etc.).
[_] Du gehst gerne shoppen.
[_] Du magst MTV / Viva.
[_] Du schaust gerne 'Sex and the City'.
[_] Du wurdest schon einmal Schlampe genannt. Und es war ernst gemeint.
[_] Du gehst regelmäßig ins Solarium.
[_] Du achtest auf Mode / neue Trends.
[x] Deine Lieblingsfarbe ist schwarz.
[_] Du liebst Rosen und Patchouli.
[x] Du liebst Lack / Leder / Spitze / Satin / Samt etc.
[x] Du hast schon einmal über den Tod / Suizid nachgedacht.
[_] Du gehst gerne auf Friedhöfe.
[x] Du besitzt etwas von xtrax.
[_] Du trägst gerne viel Schmuck.
[_] Du hast schon einmal schwarzen Lippenstift getragen.
[_] Du hasst die gesamte Menschheit.
[x] Du bist Atheist / Satanist / stolzer Heide.
[_] Du trinkst gerne Bier.
[x] Du magst Kariertes.
[x] Du magst Nieten.
[_] Du hasst Kommerz.
[_] Du hasst Autorität.
[x] Du hast / hattest / willst blaue, pinke, rote, lila oder grüne Haare.
[_] Du verprügelst gerne Neo Nazis / "Gangstas".
[x] Du trägst Doc Martens/ Steels.
[ ]
[_] Du bist immer / oft betrunken.
[x] Du liebst Computer.
[x] Du liebst Bücher. (aber nur mangas!! XDD)
[_] Du magst Harry Potter.
[_] Du musst eine Brille tragen.
[x] Du bekommst oft gute Noten.
[_] Du schleimst dich gerne bei Lehrern ein.
[_] Es ist dir egal wie du aussiehst.
[x] Du machst immer deine Hausaufgaben.
[x] Du lernst gerne.
[_] Du fehlst nie in der Schule.
[x] Du bist oft traurig / frustriert.
[x] Du besitzt eine Brille mit dicken schwarzen Rändern. (Sonnenbrille? xD)
[x] Du magst Punkte / Streifen / Sterne etc.
[_] Du weinst schnell.
[x] Du hasst es Emo genannt zu werden.
[_] Du willst / trägst mindestens ein Lippenpiercing
[x] Du hast schonmal ein trauriges Gedicht geschrieben und besitzt ein Tagebuch
[_] Du hast ein aufwendiges MySpace Layout.
[x] Deine Haare sind/waren schwarz gefärbt.
[x] Du hast/hattest blonde, pinke, lila oder rote Strähnchen / Extensions.
[_] Du liebst Autos.
[_] Du magst goldene / silberne Panzerketten.
[_] Du warst / bist in einer Gang.
[_] Du kannst rappen / Breakdancing.
[_] Du trägst Baggypants und T-Shirts, die zu groß sind.
[_] Du trägst deine Schirmkappe schräg auf dem Kopf.
[x] Du sagst mehrmals am Tag "Yo" / "Alter" / "krass" / "Ich schwör".
[_] Du weißt, dass Tupac und Biggy tot sind.
[_] Du benutzt nie Kopfhörer, selbst wenn du unter Leuten Musik hörst.
[_] Du gestikulierst viel während du redest.
[x] Du liebst laute Musik.
[_] Du magst Bandanas.
[x] Du mochtest / magst die Ninja Turtles.
[_] Du trainierst deine Muskeln.
[_] Du trägst fast immer ein Bandshirt.
[_] Viele Leute haben Angst vor dir.)
[_] Der Moshpit ist dein Zuhause.
[_] Du hast ein Tattoo an der Wade.
[_] Du trägst Flesh Tunnels.
[x] Du trägst die Kapuze deines Pullis meistens / gerne auf dem Kopf

Tussi: 3/10
Goth: 5/10
Punk: 4/10
Nerd: 5/10
Emo: 7/10
Gangsta: 1/10
Hardcore: 3/10
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19 November 2009 @ 04:27 pm
I have to learn right about now but I'm feeling sick....uhhh~

Which Kingdom Hearts Character are you?


Namine, Kairi's nobody who has unusual powers as a 'witch' to mess with peoples memories. Youre smart, creative and very helpful. you can be shy and quiet, but if a friends in trouble, youre the first to help. Your too awsome=D
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17 November 2009 @ 07:16 pm
Final Fantasy Character Test

Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

Final Fantasy VII

Yay, I'm Yuna!!! ^3^~
I find she suits me well!!

Who are you?
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31 October 2009 @ 02:36 pm
Sakura, the respect you've always gained from me....is now crumbled to pieces.
I know you only wanted to help...but you made everything so much worse.
'I choose you over Sasuke, because he is a badass criminal and you are the hero of the village now. Because waiting for Sasuke to come back to me is so unrealistic I choose you beacuse it's way more easier. Give up chasing Sasuke.' Yeah right.
I mean, you want Naruto to stop cahsing Sasuke for his own good, right?
But why telling him a fake love confession?! YOU FUCKING HURT HIS FEELINGS! HE REALLY LOVES YOU (no he loves Sasuke more of course!!!) AND YOU SLAP HIM IN THE FACE?! DAMN BIATCH!~ >_>;;;~
Maybe you came to love Naruto, since he's grown into a handsome and heroic man but that doesn't mean you can just change from loving Sasuke to fakingly loving Naruto just because it is too hard to wait for Sasuke anymore and to stop Naruto's self-destructive chase after him.
Just tell him you care a lot for Naruto and you don't want him to get hurt anymore.
But don't lie to him.
You still love Sasuke more.
No one, especially not Naruto, believes your love confession.
And for all that bullshit you spouted out, Naruto now thinks you gave up on Sasuke being a friend anymore, like you would easily toss him aside.
You hurt Naruto's feelings with your fake love confession and saying somethings akin to giving up Sasuke.
Naruto possibly won't forgive you for that, babe.

'I hate people who lie to themselves.'
Naruto saw right through it, and he's right.
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