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02 May 2010 @ 05:33 pm

I decided to make my journal "Friends Only", just so that not everybody could easily come across this journal and see how my life sucks or how I random about Hyde and Naruto. It's just something that belongs only to me...and my friends.
Well, of course, there are people in my friends list who I haven't ever talked to and as thus couldn't really be considered my "friends".
But yeah, I think it's a start friends-locking my journal and comes time I'm going to delete certain people off my friends list. Yup.
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24 April 2010 @ 11:10 pm
That movie was so awesome!!! Wahaaaa~!!! *___________________*
Best Naruto movie there is till now!! SOOOO GREAT!!!! x33333333~
This movie is good even though no sign of Sasuke, really XDD~
The only time he is mentioned was when Naruto shortly speaks of him...SHORTLY. xDDDD~
But there's a lot of good old Sai *________________* thihihihi~
In the beginning there are these NaruSai moments, just adorable!!!!!
And every one of the rookie nine has a role!!! ^u^
YAY for Lee!!! He's so well-mannered and all, even raises a hand when he wants to speak up^^
And Yay for Hinata, she actually did fight xD~ And Ino, too.
And Kiba was great!! Whoah, never liked him that much...
And Gaara, oh Garra *_* So smexy, gawd!!!~
And at the end there's this KakaNaru moment, not that I like that pairing anyhow, but that was just funny xDDD~
You know, Naruto went to save Kakashi to sacrifice himself and succedes (of course, duh~) and they're standind alone and talk some cheesy stuff about "Sensei, you taught me to never give up" and "I'm proud of you, Naruto. You are just like him (meaning Obito)" yada yada~ aaaaaaaaaaaaaand
then Sai quotes a scene in a book (Kakashi gave him earlier, titled "A girl's heart") which was something along "When you talk to someone and your hearts start pounding it's the beginning of love" and after hearing that Naruto went crazy, yelling "No! NOOO!" again and again and Kakashi trying to calm him saying "Naruto, wait, it's nothing like that!"
HARHAR~ JUST GO WATCH IT!!! x3333~ It's totally worth it. JUP. HARHAR.
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21 April 2010 @ 05:33 pm
Joa, da lagen umsonst meine Nerven bland ^^;~
Die VWL- und Spanischklausuren waren beide nicht schlecht gelaufen, bin total zufrieden mit den Noten!!! ^-^
Und mündlich steh ich auch ganz oben, wer hätt's erwartet?! xDDDD~
Ich freue mich!
Natürlich gibts auch Fächer, wo ich mündlich eher nicht so aktiv bin...das irritiert mich auch...aber was soll man bittschön auch in Reli zum Unterricht beitragen? D:
Naja, das wird schon werden. Ich will, dass das Zeugnis gut wird und ich meine GUT!!! Ich muss mich in Englisch und Deutsch noch mehr steigern! Und ich schaff das, ich will das schaffen!!

Ja und ich bin nun drauf und dran, die Reise für Paris zu buchen *aufgeregt* xDDDDD~
Das Hotel bzw. das Zimmer, das ich buchen möchte, kann man hinterher nicht mehr stornieren....soll ich's also riskieren und einfach buchen? Wer weiß, vielleicht bekomme ich kein Konzertticket?! XDDDDDDDDDDD~
Neeee~ das wird nicht passieren. Ich würd wen killen, um an ein Ticket zu kommen xD~
Und den Flug kann ich umbuchen bzw. stornieren.
Also mach ichs einfach, ne?! ^-^
Oh Gott Oh Gott Oh Gott, ich hab irgendwie Angst! XD~

Und: Ja, mir gefällt das neue Lied! ^0^
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Current Music: Vamps - Devil Side
Man, Man!!
So'n Stress, dabei ist das Konzert erst im Oktober! xD~
Aber ich kenne mich, ich krieg jetzt schon Panik, wenn ich nur daran denke, die Hotels und Flüge sind ausgebucht!! >///<
Aber man sollte schon rechtzeitig buchen und eben davor nach geeigneten Hotels suchen, die sich ganz in der Nähe der Halle befinden sollten xD~
Ich habe da jetzt ein, zwei Hotels ausgefiltert, die in Frage kämen, vom Preis und der Lage her.
Etwas entfernt von der Metro, so 15min. Fußweg, aber es soll einen Shuttle-Bus hin und zurück vom Hotel geben ._.
Die Halle soll nur 1,2km vom Hotel entfernt sein, also einige Minuten! xDDD~
Und dieses Mal ist die Halle sogar in der Nähe des Eifelturms!
Laruku waren ja in einer anderen Ecke von Paris, wo man den Eifelturm nicht zu Gesicht bekam...aber dieses Mal ist er ja gant in der Nähe und wir werden diesmal auch so buchen, dass wir noch ein wenig Zeit haben, um uns die Umgebung reinzuziehen x3~
Meine Freundin will unbedingt zum Eifelturm ^.^
Mal sehen, ob Adam dieses Mal wieder mit uns fliegt x333~

Aber teuer ist's!!! D:
Und die Halle sieht ganz okay aus...
Zu den Reisekosten kommen ja auch noch die Preise für die Konzerttickets hinzu...ich hoffe mal, die werden billiger als bei Laruku damals.
Und ich hoffe, das die Seite zum Bestellen der Tickets dieses Mal auchh Englisch anbietet, weil damals war das schon heftig, sich die Tickets auf französisch zu bestellen, wenn mans ja selbst so gut spricht xDDDD~
Hach, war ich danach stolz auf mich, dass ich das ohne Probleme geschafft habe, die verdammten Tickets zu bestellen xDDDD~
Würd ich nach Barcelona fliegen, könnt ich wenigstens etwas sprechen und verstehen...mal sehen, die Preise für eine Reise nach Spanien werde ich morgen vergleichen.

Dann geht es also jetzts ans Sparen =____=
Da ich in meiner schulischen Ausbildung kein Geld bekomme, ist das schon ein Akt, das ganze Geld aufzutreiben, aber das wird schon. Irgendwie. xD~
Sparen, sparen, sparen!!! SPAREN!!!
Vamps, wir kommen!! ^0^/))~

Mir geht's gerade nicht so sonderlich, schon den ganzen Tag nicht...zu wenig und zu unruhiger Schlaf...hat mir die Fahrt nach Bochum zur Kabuki Rock Night vermasselt >_>
Aber die wird ja zum Glück nun jeden 1. Samstag alle zwei Monate wiederholt!!! xD~ YAY!
Außerdem, ich sollte für Vamps sparen.
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24 March 2010 @ 07:27 pm
It was horrible.
Shitty test!!

I think the whole class had problems with it, kinda funny xD~
I just wrote some shit together, hopefully it will be something she approves of xD ^^;;;;~
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22 March 2010 @ 04:24 pm
Or at least I could fetch it at the postal office today xD~
L'arc~en~ciel Quadrinity Member's Best Selections!! ^____^
(uff I'm so tired ~_~...)
It's a nice cd/dvd box! *_* When enfolding it the arrangement of the cds and the dvd is like a cross! I love crosses! So it seems they really did pick the cross as their theme for this item, but why I wonder? ôo~
Anyway, there are nice pictures in it and even nicer posters on which the lyrics are pinted xDD~
Oh and the L'Arc Quiz is so cool!!! xDDD~
I don't understand much BUT I did sometimes and it was so funny xDD~
For one part of the Quiz they asked older japanese women what they thought L'arc~en~ciel would be...they answered: "Maybe it's a kind of god?" xDDD~
And in Mexico they asked the girls (and guys as well!! xD) to kiss the photo of the member they wanted as a boyfriend xDD~ Ken won!!! HARHAR!~
So nice, really ^-^
In the end, hyde was only third, Ken was the best, who knew the most about the band, it does not surprise me at all. xDDDD~

Now I have to learn for IWI tmorrow and VWL on wednesday. Muh.
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19 March 2010 @ 07:20 pm
Today was our BWRW test, two whole lessons and some minutes.
It was not *difficult* in that way, rather it was A LOT to write in this frame of time, you know.
The first part was about BWRW, to write a "Bilanz" and book from and on all the accounts.
The second part was about BWL, about OHG, KG and "Kaufmänner" in general.
I started with the last part which turned out to be the best way I could have gone about this test.
Otherwise I wouldn't have finished all the task since in part one I had difficulties, as in I could not copy my own "Ergebnisse" right into my "Schlussbilanz" xDDDD~
Afterwards I laugh about this because it turned out so well after all...but during the test I thought about just giving up.
But I knew I had the second part finished already I could spend all my time on correcting my mistake in the bookings.
It was the last minute before turning the test in that I was able to solve my stupid copying mistake xDD~
I'M SO GLAD, really! WHOA!~
I hope I did good and will get a good grade!! YEAH!

I got my math test back.....and it was a realy gooooooooooooood grade ^______^

Our Spanish test was dropped due the illness of our Spanish teacher...we don't know when we are going to write it then...hopefully NOT next week since we are going to write VWL and IWI -______-
I cannot study for IWI because I don't have any excell programm...I just have to hope I'm lucky and can answer the questions asked in the test.
For VWL I have to learn this weekend...I think it is not THAT much, less than we had to learn for the BWRW test, though.

And I wanna watch my girlfriend playing Final Fantasy XIII ^___________^
That game is so awesome!!! What a graphic and what cute charakters!!
Well....I'm not convinced Lightning is that a good person actually...she really resembles Cloud...A LOT! I don't know IF I do like that...Well, let's wait til the end of the game if her character turns out to be interesting over the time.
Hope is just a crybaby, I mean he REALLY is JUST a FUCKING Crybaby, much more so than Tidus (compared to Hope, Tidus never was a crybaby!).
Well, maybe he changes, too, during the game and becomes more grown up...well okay, he's only 14...but hey....he annoys me with his attitude.
And there's this other girl, who relly looks pretty...but she's annoying as well/hell!!! GOSH! She talks non-stop and is SO girly and how she runs!!! GYAH! >_>
But I just know she has a greater role later on, so I'll wait til she reveals what her "FOCUS" is.

Well, I would not have expected it but I like SNOW best *_*
He's SO COOL!!!! And his believes are reminding me of Naruto, he also would not dare giving up.
And Serah is cute x333~
I want to cosplay her xDDD~

I am curious as how Fang is like, she's very pretty^^
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28 February 2010 @ 02:34 pm
Oh crap.
Next thursday there's our math test...û_u;;;~
I'm studying right about now.
Well, in school I understood how to do it and everything, step by step.
Now I have difficulties understanding which formula goes with which calculation or how to decide how to go on with a calculation...in the whole sense.
But I will do, it, no worries xD~

Tomorror I am going to go shopping in MS again, for a new dress for my sister's wedding in comming may. Uff.
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18 February 2010 @ 06:01 pm
I am sooooooo uber-bored...............................................
No homework to do, not that I wanted to do them but better just to sit around being bored, really.
Well, I could drag myself to learn vocabs or other things for school? Well, yeah, that would be a good idea, I'd normally do that if I have time to spare....but somehow these days I am just too bored to do that, too. HELP ME!

I am bored with/by reading mangas, reading fanfictions, stalking lifejournal, stalking amazon, playing crisis core, sleeping, watching TV, listening to music, tidying up my room, helping out my mom, being on the internet at all....gosh, what should I do then??? -________-

My girlfriend is working all week....möp~

Tomorrow I am going to the mangaladen in münster to meet up with some friends...I am actually to bored to do so but I guess it is going to be fun like always ^-^
Please, distract me from my bordomeness!! ;_;

Well, our BWL teacher asked us to visit handelsregister.de....maybe I will do that now and then I am going to go off and either finishing reading that novel or continuing to play final fantasy x....jup...
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13 February 2010 @ 01:27 pm
Oh please come down like an angel.

Last night I was bored....and first I watched Wedding Peach DX....and I felt like trhowing up.
I remembered why I didn't like that series in the first place..urgh... >_>

Well *cough*, I still was bored and wanted to watch another anime.
I clicked on a video that began with "Mermaid" and I thought it must be Mermaid Melody Pitchy Pitchy Pitch. I told myself "Hey, you already watched Wedding Peach so you can go watch that girly mermaid anime as well....to tortur yourself xD!" .... >_<
The first episode loaded and then the opening began: "Oh please come down like an angel."
Oh how I love that opening!!!!!! *______*
And it wasn't Mermaid Melody ...., that anime I clicked on is called "Mermaid Forest" and is from Rukiko Takahashi, you know, from Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2.
But other from these two animes Mermaid Forest is more violent and dark and angsty and uhhhh I like it xD~
I've never thought Takahashi-san does this kind of stories ôo~
And there's already a german dubbed version of the anime, I didn't know at all O_O....
The protagonist/hero has the voice of Trunks xDDDDDD~

Now really, that anime is great.
It's about mermaids. But not those pretty, Arielle-like mermaids, no.
Those mermaids are ugly. They are immortal and when you eat flesh of a mermaid you gain immortality as well, if you are lucky that is. It also is possible you turn into a monster.
Most people turn into monsters in this story.
The protagnoist once ate flesh of a mermaid and gained immortality....but after 500 years of re-birthing and living he wishes to become mortal again, so he can live a peaceful life with marrying and having kids...and dying. So he's searching to find a mermaid again to find a way of becoming mortal again....
On his way he finds a girl, who was held prison on a deserted island by mermaids (she doesn't know that at first) who wanted to eat her human flesh when she turns 15.
By eating human flesh the mermaids gain beauty again. They are immortal but they do age and become ugly after thousand of years. So they leave the oceans and become human-like creatures to find themselves a human girl to feed from her.
The mermaids fed flesh of a mermaid to that human girl to make her live forever so they can feed from her forever to keep their own beauty.
But the protagonist freed her and now is living with her throughout the centuries.
Now he's not alone anymore since no he has this girl at his side.

But it's not the end of the anime. I'm just watching the 6th episode and I'm dying to see what happens next^^

You should watch it.
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